Offering a true alternative to other programs, the American Loggers Council endorsed Master Logger Certification Program (ALC/MLC) is a true third-party certification for logging contractors. It involves
on-the-ground assessment of a logging contractor’s activities. This assessment is performed by independent and unbiased verifiers evaluating whether and how the logger meets the
standard in their own way. We all know that the steps to achieve objectives can vary from one woodlot to another.
This is also true for the loggers themselves: One logger may take a completely different path to achieve
the Master Logger certification standard, but the important part is that whatever they do is done to a high
standard that benefits everyone. The ALC/MLC standard gives each state the right to adopt its own program,
under the “Seven Areas of Responsibility” that ALC adopted for all member organizations to follow, specific to each particular state. Each state submits a template to the MLC committee for approval.  Read More.