Nine Goals & Standards

In order to provide logging companies with a definitive, measurable means of achieving certification, MLC developed nine goals, the end to which all efforts of harvesting are directed. The goals are further defined by harvest responsibilities, each with its own set of performance standards. These standards, when met, enable a company to achieve the nine goals and earn MLC certification.

The NEMLC program is the recipient of the world’s first SmartLogging certificate – an internationally recognized harvest standard awarded by the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program, and NEMLC is audited annually to maintain this certificate. The innovation of point-of-harvest certification within the NEMLC program is also integrated with it’s parent organization’s, the Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands’ (TCNF), Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC®)certificates for forest management, chain of custody and controlled wood with the goal of building an independently third party certified supply chain at every link.

The content of the master logger program is based on a common vision for the rural communities and forest resources of the Northeast. These nine Goals guide Master Loggers in their work:

  1. Document Harvest Planning
  2. Protect Water Quality
  3. Maintain Soil Productivity
  4. Sustain Forest Ecosystems
  5. Manage Forest Aesthetics
  6. Ensure Workplace Safety
  7. Demonstrate Continuous Improvement
  8. Ensure Business Viability
  9. Uphold Certificate Integrity

There are detailed harvest responsibilities with explicit performance standards under each goal.

Field verifiers visit actual harvest sites to determine whether candidates for Northeast Master Logger Certification are meeting and exceeding the standards that are required for certification. Their findings are submitted to an independent, regional board that makes the final decision on whether a company will be certified.

To request a complete description of standards please contact us.