Certified Master Loggers are held to exemplary standards of responsible timber harvesting. Our field verifiers visit actual harvest sites to assure that certification standards are met or exceeded, and our office staff works closely with loggers to support them with the informational resources they need to maintain their certification and stay abreast of developments affecting their profession.


Current List of Master Logger Certified Companies

A & B Forestry207-364-8799RumfordME04276
A. W. Madden Inc207-827-6314MilfordME04461
A.S. Madden207-827-3338GreenbushME04418
AD Forestry Specialist207-474-3353MadisonME04055
B & D Logging207-562-8973CarthageME04224
Balanced Forestry207-733-2424MontvilleME04941
Baxter Farm & Forest860-428-5861
Beaulieu Logging LLC207-284-4833ArundelME04046
Bill Dirrubbo Logging, LLC603-491-3667TamworthNH03886
Brown & Brown Trucking207-743-6160NorwayME04268
Bruce Smith Logging207-255-3259MachiasportME04655
Buckco, Inc.207-364-4956Milton TWPME04219
Burbank Logging & Trucking Inc.
Bushwacker & Sons Logging, Inc.207-532-4079Cary PlantationME04471
Chaplin Logging Inc.207-272-5766NaplesME04055
Charles Lane Inc.
Chopper One, Inc.207-444-5395Eagle LakeME04739
Colin Bartlett & Sons, Inc.207-532-2214OrientME04471
Comprehensive Land Technologies207-445-3151So. ChinaME04358
CTL Land Management Services207-845-2841WashingtonME04574
Cunningham Bros, Inc.207-365-4028BenedictaME04733
David Gordon Logging207-778-5730FarmingtonME04938
David Swift Logging207-582-0388LitchfieldME04350
Davis Forestry Products, Inc.207-461-3062DanforthME04424
Dean Young Forestry207-565-2709FranklinME04634
Delaite's Logging & Trucking207-794-6844LincolnME04457
Elliott Jordan & Son, Inc.207-584-5403WalthamME04605
Fadden Chipping & Logging603-939-2462ConwayNH03818
Fortune Trucking LLC207-975-9445
Gardner Logging Services207-794-2303LincolnME04457
Garland Lumber Company, Inc.603-356-5636North ConwayNH03860
GCA Logging Inc.207-446-6801AvonME04966
George Merrill & Son207-897-2487JayME04239
Glen Luce Logging
Glen McKechnie & Sons, Inc.207-732-5685PasadumkeagME04475
GR Logging207-868-2692Van BurenME04785
Grady Forest Products207-549-3170WhitefieldME04535
Guyer Logging802-626-8554LyndonvilleVT05851
H. B. Logging LLC.603-638-4983MonroeNH03771
Hanington Brothers, Inc.207-765-2681MacwahocME04451
Highland Farms Logging LLC
HSP Logging207-448-7278DanforthME04424
I.R. Averill, Inc.207-738-2705Prentiss TWPME04733
Irish Logging207-562-8839PeruME04290
J&M Logging207-622-6353AugustaME04330
J. & S. Logging207-864-5617RangeleyME04970
J.D. Logging & Excavating207-717-7732SebecME04481
Jackman Lumber
JBR Logging, Inc.207-435-2327PortageME04768
JCG Logging Inc.207-231-1003
Fort KentME04743
JE Shelley Logging

Jerimoth Forestry401-647-2913FosterRI02825
John Conkey & Sons Logging413-323-7120BelchertownMA01007
Johnny Castonguay Logging & Trucking207-754-5945LivermoreME04253
Johnson Timber Harvesting
Jon Mason & Son, Inc.207-966-3942HebronME04238
KA Tuttle & Sons
New LimerickME04761
Khiel Logging and Chipping
Kimball & Sons Logging & Trucking
Kimball Logging & Firewood207-998-2751PolandME04274
L & A Ridley, Inc.207-645-3041JayME04239
L.E. Taylor & Sons
(207) 625-4056
Lincoln Farm Timber Harvesting802-793-1206Randolph CenterVT05061
Linkletter & Sons, Inc.207-654-2301AthensME04912
LJG Woodlands LLC
207-316-7368, 207-834-6329
Fort Kent ME04743
M.H. Humphrey & Sons207-625-4965ParsonsfieldME04047
Madden Sustainable Forestry207-827-4752MilfordME04461
Madden Timberlands, Inc.207-827-0112Old TownME04468
Marty Ryan Selective Logging207-639-2862PhillipsME04966
Matt McGary Logging, Inc207-532-1133MorrillME04780
MC Harvesting
207- 461-3062
McCafferty Logging
Merry Logging207-634-3474SmithfieldME04978
Michael Savage & Sons207-365-4821ShermanME04776
Morneau Logging
Morris Logging207-834-6210Fort KentME04743
Morrison Forest Products, Inc.(207) 683-2441HarmonyME04942
Nadeau Logging, Inc.207-834-6338Fort KentME04743
Nathan O. Northrup Forest Products & Earthwork207-549-3197
NDB Logging207-436-4917
St. DavidME04773
Nicols Bros. Logging, Inc.207-364-8685MexicoME04257
Northeast Tree Harvesting207-316-3356

Olmstead Property Services802-234-9390; 802-353-7611; 802-917-3111
Parent Timber Harvest, LLC802-373-8683St. AlbansVT05478
Paul Mitchell Logging, Inc.518-359-7029Tupper LakeNY12986
Pepin Lumber
(207) 297-2555
Coburn GoreME04936
Pine Ridge LLC207-592-6472PhillipsME04966
Prentiss & Carlisle Co., Inc.207-942-8295BangorME04402
R&J Logging
New LimerickME04761
R.C. McLucas207-625-8915PorterME04068
R.W. Day Logging
West BaldwinME04091
Randall Madden Trucking, Inc.207-827-1401MilfordME04461
RE-GEN Processing
Richard Wing & Son Logging, Inc.207-642-6181StandishME04084
Robert Libby & Sons207-625-8285PorterME04068
Robin Crawford & Son Woods Co207-794-6357LincolnME04457
Rocky Bunnell603-638-4983MonroeNH03771
S&S Logging, Inc.
207-834-7354, 207-446-7994, 207-446-7994
Sawyer Logging203-650-2100UnionCT06076
SDR Logging207-564-2555SebecME04481
SF Madden Logging207-827-5737GreenbushME04418
SJS & Son Logging207-528-2495PattenME04765
SKS Furbush Logging, LLC
Southwind Forestry LLC802-366-0538
Spaulding Field & Forest802-299-7170
Stevens Forest Products207-547-3840SidneyME04330
Sunset Farm Logging207-897-2479JayME04239
Tate Brook Timber207-732-6033LincolnME04457
Tetreault & Sons Forest Management413-245-9615BrimfieldMA01010
Third Branch Horse Logging, LLP
Thomas Logging & Forestry207-876-2722Guilford
Thompson Trucking207-794-6101LincolnME04457
Timber Down Logging Inc.
Fort KentME04743
TNT Road Company, Inc.207-834-5073Fort KentME04743
Treeline, Inc.207-794-2044LincolnME04457
Trees LTD.207-547-3168SidneyME04330
Vannah Logging207-631-2475DresdenME04342
Vicneire Logging207-566-5030EmbdenME04958
Voisine Brothers Logging207-631-9999Fort KentME04744
WC Tripp Forest Products(207) 223-5155FrankfortME04438
Western Maine Timberlands207-925-1138FryeburgME04037
White Oak, Inc.
St. FrancisME04774
William A. Day Jr. & Sons207-625-8181PorterME04068
WW London Woodlot Management Co.

Map of Master Logger Companies

Nine Goals & Standards

In order to provide logging companies with a definitive, measurable means of achieving certification, MLC developed nine goals, the end to which all efforts of harvesting are directed. The goals are further defined by harvest responsibilities, each with its own set of performance standards. These standards, when met, enable a company to achieve the nine goals and earn MLC certification.

The NEMLC program is the recipient of the world’s first SmartLogging certificate – an internationally recognized harvest standard awarded by the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program, and NEMLC is audited annually to maintain this certificate. The innovation of point-of-harvest certification within the NEMLC program is also integrated with it’s parent organization’s, the Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands’ (TCNF), Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC®)certificates for forest management, chain of custody and controlled wood with the goal of building an independently third party certified supply chain at every link.

The content of the master logger program is based on a common vision for the rural communities and forest resources of the Northeast. These nine Goals guide Master Loggers in their work: Document Harvest Planning, Protect Water Quality, Maintain Soil Productivity, Sustain Forest Ecosystems, Manage Forest Aesthetics, Ensure Workplace Safety, Demonstrate Continuous Improvement, Ensure Business Viability, and Uphold Certificate Integrity. There are detailed harvest responsibilities with explicit performance standards under each goal.

Field verifiers visit actual harvest sites to determine whether candidates for Northeast Master Logger Certification are meeting and exceeding the standards that are required for certification. Their findings are submitted to an independent, regional board that makes the final decision on whether a company will be certified.

To download the complete Master Logger Goals and Standards: NEMLC 9 Goals & Standards.


"Members of the Master Logger community belong to the most prestigious group of professional loggers in North America. They have widespread recognition and credibility —both geographically and across all facets of this business. Master Logger Certification is an excellent program that provides an efficient way to help manage change while certifying to major customers that the fiber Master Loggers produce is done to a recognized standard that has been verified by a third party."
—Greg Barrows, Verso Paper

"Master Logger Certification has helped me meet personal goals by helping to stay focused on safety and professionalism, and demanding that of employees."
—Cohort #2 Master Logger company

"For us, it's about personal recognition. There is no other team like ours and our work IS who we are. We like that Master Logger Certification recognizes that and creates a standard for the rest of the loggers in our state. And we know the mills are checking to see if we're certified. When times are hard, it's good to know that we'll be last on their list for downsizing because of our certification."
—Cohort # 3 father-and-son Master Logger Certified team