Achieving Northeast Master Logger Certification validates the efforts made by your harvesting company to ensure long-term sustainability of New England forests. By ensuring that your harvesting practices are sustainable you will be helping to  secure jobs, access new business  opportunities and protect forest  products-based economies into the future.

Benefits of Northeast Master Logger Certification:

  • Sustainable New England Forests
  • Enhance Your Companies Reputation
  • Access to new markets
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Access to Networking, Professioanl Development and On-going Safety Training
  • Gain Access to FSC® Chain of Custody Certificate
  • Marketing tool directed at landowners by giving them assurance of harvesting to an accepted and recognized standards
  • Access to Forest Products Workers Compensation Trust 
  • Discounted Workers Compensation Rates because ML is a Certified Logging Professional organization
  • Access to the Direct Link Loan Program

6 Steps to becoming Master Logger Certified.