What is Northeast Master Logger?

The Northeast Master Logger Certification is a third-party certification for timber harvesting companies. Master Logger Certified Companies have proven that they have achieved compliance with a standard which includes legal compliance, protection of employees, professional harvest planning, and the application of  logging techniques that protect soil and water resources, cultural heritage, wildlife, and forest aesthetics

I am a logger and want to get my company certified.

I am landowner, forester, or other interested party searching for information on the program.

I am a Master Logger looking for resources. 

Check out our new videos below with Master Loggers in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire!

A Visit from Down Under

David Bennett spent much of this spring traveling across the world to evaluate the risks and benefits of forest contractor certification programs with an eye toward adapting the best practices he observed to strengthen forest management and the logging industry in his...

Master Logger Officials Detail Audit Process

Offering a true alternative to other programs, the American Loggers Council endorsed Master Logger Certification Program (ALC/MLC) is a true third-party certification for logging contractors. It involveson-the-ground assessment of a logging contractor’s activities....